After the Fall

There’s nowhere left to turn
My back’s against the wall
Now I feel it crumbling
And I’m about to fall
I look into your face
For some familiarity
But I can’t find a trace
Of the love you had for me
There’s nothing left from what I can see
Of who you used to be

I’m falling forward into nowhere
Close my eyes and wait ‘til it’s over
Now I feel the ground getting closer
Wonder how I’ll be after the fall

And now I see my life
Flashing before my eyes
And then I see your face
For the very last time
I look into your eyes
But I find no regret
As you step to my side
And push me off the edge
And I go tumbling into the depths
Of nothingness


I land hard
Breaking my heart
As my memories shatter apart
But I get up
Carry my scars
Proudly because
I made it through the fall