Can’t Be Breaking Mine

I know this may be hard for you to understand, baby
But I can’t move on with ghosts of my past still haunting me
It’s bad enough living here seeing your memory everywhere

I know you like to hold on but you can’t keep sending me
3 AM messages saying that you miss me
I can’t answer, I’ve got nothing to offer anymore


I put your photo away
Took your name from my phone
‘Cause I can’t look at your face
Without remembering you home
If you don’t want to do the same
Then put your heart on the line
But you can’t be breaking mine

I tried my best to save you but I don’t have the strength
To ride the emotional rollercoaster that is loving you, babe
And I know you’re searching for answers, someone to fix the pain
But I can’t


I can’t help you, I can’t save you from yourself
You’re on your own
You’ll just have to face your demons alone