Don’t Say Goodnight

No, please don’t go
Please don’t make me leave your arms right now
You, you stop time
You can calm the storms I’m brewing in my mind

So wrap me up and pull me in
And let me crawl under your skin
And make a home under your bones
I’ll be your pulse, you’ll be my own

Hours fly by
Don’t say goodnight
Darlin’, let’s write our story in starlight
Fingers entwined
Hearts beat in time
Lives are aligned
Don’t say goodnight

Breathe into me
I can hear you whisper truths and disbeliefs
I need your voice and your silence both
To block out all the noise

So lift me up out of the rut
And wake me from this numb to my core
And fill my lungs with life to come
Remind me what I’m living for


Baby, please
Just let me melt into you
Learn to breathe, learn to feel the way you do
Just let me reach out and hold your heart
As you hold me here where we are