Give me one reason not to walk right out that door
I don’t even know, babe, if you love me anymore
Insist on staying but what are we fighting for?
There’s nothing left of us to save

Give me one reason not to drop and walk away
It’s been some time now that it hasn’t felt the same
You’re not even trying but you’re the first to point the blame
Remind me what we’re fighting for


I drop my weapons at your feet
Hands up, love, I admit defeat
‘Cause I can’t justify fighting for a lie
I can’t explain away all my wasted time
But I’m free. Oh, I’m free.

Apart from habit, darlin’, why did we hold on?
The tighter we gripped each other, the more that we came undone
We can’t retract the bullets and we can’t take back the stones
But the battle’s finally over

Remind me again how this all began
Who started the war and who did we expect to win?
I’m not saying I don’t have my share of sins
But the battle’s finally over


We have our share of battle wounds
Lord knows we have the scars to prove it
We’ve been stretching out the pain
Endings hurt but somebody had to do it