Isn’t it funny
How quickly things can change?
One moment and everything
You thought you knew
Fails and the floor still falls through

Isn’t it funny
How fate can change the rules?
One heart can make a fool
Out of the strongest of minds

And here I’d thought
That I would dodge the bullet
Who did I think I was?

‘Cause there we stood
On the edge of the earth
I count stars in your eyes
You, seemingly tongue-tied,
Look back at me and I
Can do nothing but hold your gaze
I couldn’t break away
I think that I might
Have fallen in love
Isn’t that funny?

Isn’t it funny
How fast my walls dissolved?
Didn’t take much to fall
Out of the rut and lose it all

Isn’t it funny
How good it felt to let go
Of the fear and just let grow
More acceptance than we’d ever known?


Oh the freedom of
Letting myself love again
To just open up
And let you in
I threw my head right back
Closed my eyes and gave a laugh
At the beauty of it all
It was so funny
It was so funny