It All Begins Tonight

There are moments when
I get so overwhelmed
And I get caught up in the magnitude
Of how fast I’m falling
How deep the water is
Of how much I’m in love with you

We’re in deep
I can’t believe
Just how far we’ve come
My heartbeat’s on high speed
With what we’ve become

Our lives change tonight
Writing futures in each other’s eyes
We find a home
From this moment on
We can fly ever higher and we’ll be
Every comfort that we seek as we reach for the stars
With which we’ve strung our dreams
I see the light
It all begins tonight

Your fingers in my hair
We hold a silent stare
Suddenly all-aware of what we are
And as I see my life
Mapped in your hazel eyes
I’m stricken by what you’ve done to my heart

We’re in deep
As you tell me
You’ve never felt this way before
Though I loved you
Now I know to
What extent I’m truly yours


Tell me again
All the reasons
I swept you off your feet
Give me the grin
That has come to be so familiar to me
I’ll give you my hand
And I’ll trust in 
All that you promise me