Language Barriers

We speak the same language
In different dialects
You’d think it an advantage
But I’m running out of breath
Running in circles
Tripping over my words

And you don’t know what to say
So you say nothing at all
And you can just hear me break
In the silence you left me for
As I just stutter
‘Cause you’ve always left me tongue-tied
And I’ve never
Been well-versed in the language of goodbye

We used to speak a different language
With our hands and our eyes
There was no lack of communication
We could talk all night
But now we’re getting lost in translation
In the terms we hide behind
There’s no colourful words
Just a maze of white lies


If I screamed
If I cried
If I kissed you one last time
Oh, would you finally understand?

If I put my pen to paper
And words flowed out like a river
Would you let them wash you in with the tide?

You’ve always had the upper hand
Your silence is heavier than
My words could have ever been