Let the Pieces Fall

They say it’s time to let you go
To cut the ties and just move on
‘Cause there’s no guarantee
That you’ll come back to me
Whatever will be will be

Maybe they’re wrong but maybe they’re right
I’m strong but you’re my kryptonite
This life’s a puzzle and we have no right to know
How the pieces fit together, how the story goes

I’ll throw my hands right up
And let the pieces fall where they may
Time to just give up, abandon control, walk away
I’ll throw it to the wind
Let the heavens part
Let the fates march in
I’m throwing out my heart with it all
I’ll let the pieces fall

Been blocking the wind from my house of cards
Forcing out smiles to hide the scars
Clung to hope like a drug
Because I fell in love
With ghosts of memories I can’t bring back to life


I will tear myself apart
Scatter the pieces of my heart
Maybe one day you’ll find the shards
Or maybe you’ll find a new start

I only hope your future’s bright
That your smile doesn’t lose its light
That you keep your heart in your laugh
And that your pieces stay intact

While I let mine fall…