I don’t want to talk about us tonight
Don’t feel like explaining myself while you look for a fight
Babe, I don’t even have the energy to cry

I don’t have the patience for your insecurities now
While you accuse me of your conspiracies to break your heart
Just don’t start
I think I’ve had enough of this

Shut the doors, turn the locks
Lie alone in the dark
There is only so much I can take
When did I lose sight of
Where I am, who I was?
And how did I become so miserable?
How am I so lost?

I don’t want to talk about why we’re falling apart
What’s it matter anyway?
You’ll make it my fault
So let’s say our goodbyes before you make this ugly

Don’t you dare say that I can’t communicate
We argue enough that I can answer you in my sleep
But you only hear what you want
Boy, this can’t be healthy


We wandered into the woods
Never found anything good
I’ve never felt so out of place

Wish I’d thought to bring a map
All I want is to go back
To before this emotional disgrace

Lead me out of the wilderness