Why’d you have to have those eyes
That stare right through my soul?
All you have to do is smile
And I feel so exposed
Tell me, do I have something to hide
That even I didn’t know?
Because I think that if you touched me,
I might lose all my control

And my carefully constructed
Illusion that I tried so hard to keep
I fear is crumbling
Every time you set those eyes on me
And now I’m wondering
If my lonely days could end
If only I weren’t so afraid to step over the edge


‘Cause I see oceans in your eyes
And fires bright enough to burn
the walls I’ve built all my life
I see mountains in the distance
And resistance is futile
So why don’t you just pull me in?
Then I can finally release the breath I’ve been holding

Why do you have to say everything right
And comprehend each step I take?
How can someone make me feel so high
And yet still feel so safe?
I don’t want to say goodnight
I’ll just spend half of it awake
Just to overanalyze and search for my mistakes

And my carefully constructed
Defenses that have spent so long in place
Are self-adjusting
The moment that you set those eyes on me
And now I’m wondering
If maybe I should bend
And take the olive branch you’ve held extended in your hand


I see so much potential
For beautiful adventures
If your arms are where I spend my life
I want so much to love you
But I just don’t know how to
So can you help me try?