Restless Whispers

I breathe ghosts into the shadows
Spirit dancers in the dark
Filling the gaps in the stories
With their own fluid art

I’ve lost track of the patterns
And I’ve lost count of the steps
Here lies life in all its glory
Within the moment that we’ve kept

Spirits flung across the dancefloor
Although it be but an inch
Lives consuming one another
Air stuttering ‘cross our lips

Darlin’, pull me out from under
The burdens weighing on my shoulders
And come bear witness to the wonders
That the dead season provides
Steps away from finding comfort
In this frigid world of silver
I can help to feed the fever
I see brewing in your eyes
Only love teaches us how to fly

Impatient hearts lie warm in waiting
Balanced within anticipation
Of the realization
Of phantom moments minds can see

With stories’ turning pages
Restless wings beat in their cages
Tired of always waiting
They’re preparing for a leap

Won’t you close the space between us
As the curtain’s coming down?
Frozen in time, won’t you release us
Before the intimacy drowns?


Glass bells chime with the wind’s arabesque
Funneled now as snowflakes pirouette
Don’t you think it’s time you break the spell?
Won’t you kiss me already?