Don’t look at me, love, with such devastation
Don’t look at me like I was your salvation
If anything, you did your best to save me, darlin’
But I can’t change my ways now

You love me like people love broken things
But you’ll get tired, I know
Of waiting for the walls to come down
For me to keep reaching out
But I’ll just let you down

I should’ve told you to run
But I watched you fall
I should’ve let you go
But I was selfish enough
To want your sweet smile a little longer
‘Til it seems that I was selfish enough to love you

I’m letting you fly
Though you’re who kept my feet on the ground
Giving you the change at a happy life
Without me around

And holding you was
Like holding an angel
But your freedom’s
The best gift I can give you


You can hate me, now
Can be angry, now
But I still won’t change my mind

And you don’t have to understand
But one day you will, and
You’ll see it was the one selfless thing I’d done