Severed at the Heart

I watch the sun rise from another dreamless night
Counting all of the things that I could have done right
Daylight sears petty excuses as it’s bleeding through the blinds
There is no comfort here

Do you feel the ache
The throbbing pain within
Pulsing in the place
Your beating heart had been?

Say you feel my absence
Desperate and disarmed
Say you’re just as tempted
To run back to my arms
Say you’re just as restless
And weary with these scars
Severed at the heart

I feel the sunlight as it creeps across the sky
Counting all the reasons that it wasn’t worth goodbye
And with the daylight, I can’t help but wonder why
As there is no comfort here


Here we stand
Both too far gone to wait
Equally jaded and drained
But I still want to hear you say…