Simple Pleasures

I hear your teasing chuckle as I’m sipping on my tea
Although as time’s gone on, I think you’re nearly as bad as me
You smile at the way I bite my lip, flick my pencil as I think
And you compliment my writing, though you find it hard to read

It’s the way you wear the bracelet that I made you every day
And all of the sweet nothings that you whisper to wake me
It’s your look of contentment as you play your new guitar
And complex discussions about depth and life and dreams and scars

You look at me
And I see
Everything that I need
Endearing habits
Precious moments
Simple pleasures

It’s the way you love all of things that make me insecure
The conversations that we have without speaking a word
It’s the way you say I’m beautiful, though I know I’m a mess
And every time that I’m with you, my darlin’, I confess


A cheeky smile
A clever line
A tender moment pausing time
Freckle-faced and starry eyed
My paradise is by your side