The Breaking Point

Go ahead, push me away
No one’s begging me to stay
No one’s twisting my arm to stick around anyway, you say

If I don’t like it, there’s the door
But it’s me being insecure
And unreasonable
I get it, it’s fine
Take all the time that you need
‘Cause I’m setting you free

I can’t keep saying I’m fine
When the stones hit harder every time
This glass house has too many cracks
And broken windows to take it back
If it’s time that you want, babe
Then, by all means, I’ll walk away
But don’t you dare ask me to stay

I tried to be supportive and strong
But this has been going on too long
I can only take so many blows
Before I come undone, you know

I’m tired playing nice and pulling punches
While I’m black and blue inside
‘Cause I’m asking for too much
And you’re running out of lies


Don’t say the door’s always open
I can’t fix your kind of broken
And I know you’d stop at nothing
To go on throwing punches
Should I come back around
So I’m done
I hope that you’ve found
What it is that you’re looking for
I can’t do this anymore