Don’t let the candles burn out just yet
I’ve been basking in the glow
Watching shadows dance across the room

Don’t let the music stop just yet
I’m still soaking it all in
Notes like fingers across my skin

You know, the way you play
Dips into my soul and takes away the pain
And for a moment I’m at your mercy, dear
I watch your eyes shine
In the dim light of the open flame
And feel a piece of heaven hovering here


I don’t want to speak
Don’t want to breathe
I just want to steep in this moment
And feel
The magic here
Almost surreal
This atmosphere you’ve created
Is otherworldly
I will surely
Fall under this spell
As we keep a vigil
In a bliss unparalleled

I can sense the passion in your veins
Your devotion to the strings
It enchants me every time

I know I can’t resist the allure
Of the feelings you’ve conjured
Not that I think I would try

A tender yearning
A cherished burning
Near-rapture brought to life


Bewitched by the sound
I can only surrender
To the rhythm of pounding hearts
In the air
In the melodies made sacred
Bearing naked souls
And love like I’ve never known